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A bachelor's degree is an undergraduate degree that is offered by universities and colleges when students complete a program of study. Most bachelor courses last three or four years with some lasting up to seven years.

Online learning, or e-learning is the process of learning using various types of media that deliver text, audio, images, animation, and streaming video. There are many e-learning processes which diffuse knowledge and learning without borders.

Spain (Spanish: EspaƱa) is a diverse country sharing the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal at the western end of the Mediterranean Sea. Spain is considered an exotic country in Europe due to its friendly inhabitants and relaxed lifestyle. The normal duration for University courses in Spain is 4 years, except Medicine and the double degrees, which are 6. Madrid and Barcelona are well known cities around world for its cuisine, vibrant nightlife, and world-famous folklore and festivities.

Being the 3rd largest city in Spain, Valencia is located in the Valencia community. It is a commercial port town with over 1 million inhabitants. It has rich culture, several sights and museums. It has over 4 universities.

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Degree In Economics

ESde Business School
Online Full time 4 years October 2017 Spain Valencia

Degree in Economics trains professionals for successful workforce development activities management, advisory and economic assessment, which can be performed in both public and private sectors, organizations or any kind of social economic institution. [+]

Online Bachelors in Econometrics in Valencia in Spain. INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Economic globalization is a process that has resulted in an acceleration in technological change and organizational changes, due to the urgency of meeting human needs by using resources due to their nature are limited. The Degree in Economics trains professionals for successful workforce development activities management, advisory and economic assessment, which can be performed in both public and private sectors, organizations or any kind of social economic institution. Importantly, learn economy today requires a deep understanding of the new forms and global economic business organization, the influence of technological progress on production and employment, management of open economies abroad and the mechanisms of interdependence and international transmission. The objective of the Degree in Economics ESDE Business School It is to train professionals able to understand the dynamism and volatility of the current global economy and develop the ability to respond to their effects on national, regional, public sector and society in general. This, due to the current market demand for experts with a view to managing interdisciplinary problems resulting from the economic reality. The graduate should know the functioning and the consequences of the economic systems of alternative allocation and management of resources, the accumulation of wealth and income distribution, and should be able to contribute to the smooth operation and improvement keep going. Capacity for critical and self-critical thinking. Apply the principles of economic analysis to diagnosis and troubleshooting. Understand and apply the scientific method, formulate hypotheses, deduce results and compare them with the empirical and experimental evidence. Specialize in the efficient and effective use of new information and communications technology. Professional outputs Degree in Economics ESDE: Private companies from different sectors, assuming functions in any of its functional areas. Public administration and international economic organizations. Consulting, auditing and consulting in any of the functional areas of business. Banking and specialized financial services companies. Universities and training centers, such as teaching and research staff. QUALIFICATIONS AND CURRICULUM The optional subjects of the Degree in Economics are distributed in these areas: Economic Analysis: allows students to deepen the topics covered in lower grades. The training received enables them to work in research services, consulting, international institutions, or engage in teaching and research. International, Regional and Urban Economics: This intensification addresses issues related to economic globalization, as well as aspects related to development and international cooperation. Aspects of the environment, territorial planning and urban and industrial development are also collected. Business Economics and Languages: This specialization students acquire the necessary knowledge to work in a business environment of the banking sector or industrial type. To complement the materials of English allow students perform management or exporters engaged in international business. Admission requirements The VIU has not established evidence of access and / or special admission to this degree. Since this degree is part of the branch of Social Sciences and Law, the following priority access to the Degree in Business Administration from the School and Vocational Training: Bachelor Mode Science and Technology Bachelor Mode Humanities and Social Sciences Training Course Higher Level Training of professional families of Directors, Administration and Management, Trade and Marketing. [-]