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Earning a bachelor's degree is achieved by completing the necessary course of study offered by the college or university you enroll in. Completing this study may take three to seven years depending on where you seek your degree.

Europe is, by convention, one of the world's seven continents. Comprising the western most point of Eurasia, Europe is usually divided from Asia by the watershed divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and the waterways connecting the Black and Aegean Seas.

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Graphic and Visual Communication

Quasar Design University in Rome
Campus Part time November 2017 Italy Rome

The course ofGraphic and Visual Communicationis aimed at the training of designers specializing in: <ul> <li>advertising graphics,</li> <li>graphic design,</li> <li>advertising,</li> <li>art direction and copywriting,</li> <li>packaging, advertising,</li> <li>web design, publishing,</li> <li>logos and brand identity,</li> <li>marketing</li> </ul>. [+]

Top Part time Bachelors in Communication Design in Europe. Graphic and Visual Communication The course ofGraphic and Visual Communicationis aimed at the training of designers specializing in: advertising graphics, graphic design, advertising, art direction and copywriting, packaging, advertising, web design, publishing, logos and brand identity, marketing . The course is active since 1997 and updated with each new edition. The course is recognized by MIUR as an Academic Diploma Level I. Who it is aimed at This university-level course is aimed at school leavers, from all types of secondary schools, who intend to grow in the culture of graphic design. The image, in all its forms, is now the principal vehicle of institutional, social and promotional communication, from classic advertising to corporate identity to packaging in such a way as to constitute a pervasive media universe. This is the extended operating range of the graphic or visual communication designer. Educational Objectives The objectives pursued in the Graphic and Visual Communication course are: to guarantee to students the attainment of critical maturity and an understanding of the problems connected to practising a profession in a sector that is rapidly and constantly changing; to provide students with technical knowledge and training experiences in the fields of graphic design and visual communication for a speedy and satisfying start to their professional activities; to ensure graduates possess a reliable method of graphic design that encompasses creativity and rigour, both supported by an adequate grasp of the techniques of representation, both manual and computer-assisted, through the most advanced software available for 2D design. The course deals with, studies and thoroughly analyses all those disciplines that support graphic design providing it, on the one hand, with the necessary pragmatic dimension, and, on the other, with that solid theoretical-critical structure and cultural depth that are indispensable for educated and aware designers. With this aim, and to allow the maturing of an awareness of the meaning and value of graphic and artistic works, the course offers practical teaching, such as techniques of representation, publishing techniques and freehand drawing, along with theoretical-critical teaching, such as the history of visual communication, the theory of perception and form, and advertising. In the course of the three years, the student develops the ability to create and implement design projects for business, design for publishing, product design (packaging), strategic design, commercial and social advertising campaigns, graphic design for environments. They also gain the capacity to manage work cycles from the point of view of planning and administration. Awarded qualification Academic Diploma Level I recognized by MIUR. Creative jobs The visual communication designer is able to work comfortably with advertising agencies, production companies, professional studios and businesses in the visual communication sector. They are able to manage the ongoing technological evolution, understand the cultural dynamics of the context in which they operate and consider the economic-productive aspects connected to the design activity they carry out. They can operate in the different sectors of visual communication, in Italy and abroad, as employees or freelancers; in professional activity and, after having gained a number of years’ experience, as art directors; in advertising and integrated communications agencies; as an employees, consultants or collaborators; in all areas of publishing, as editorial designers; with private or public bodies, for consultation and collaboration as graphic designers. Partners AIAP, GNAM, Saatchi & Saatchi, Logos, Apple, Greenpeace, La Repubblica, Nissan, Enel, Barilla, Nastro Azzurro, Acea, Coop, Peroni. Subjects The training course is divided into three teaching cycles for each academic year. The cycles consist of lectures, workshops and specialized workshops that are divided into three main areas: productive technologies, design and representation; history, criticism and theories; design laboratories. The first year has the aim of training students in the basic disciplines of graphic design, theoretical as much as practical, in order to be able to approach the later design laboratories equipped with the appropriate knowledge. The second year aims to perfect the preparation undertaken during the first year, in order to begin to shape the professional figure with the attainment of the official qualification of graphic designer. The third year moves towards the professional specialization of the student as an assistant art director. Obtaining this professional qualification will allow the students, following appropriate experience as an assistant, to work as art directors, a leading figure in the design of visual communication and a natural goal in the career of graphic designers. Course location The course "Graphic and Visual Communication" will be held in Rome at Quasar Design University. Via Crescenzio 17 A Roma(RM) - 00193 [-]

Bachelor in Media and Communication Design

Macromedia University for Media and Communication
Campus Part time 7 semesters October 2017 Germany Munich Hamburg Berlin Region Stuttgart Cologne Italy Milan + 6 more

This interdisciplinary programme gives you the tools to master the whole spectrum of visual communication as an all-rounder with specific subject knowledge. The duration of the study programme is 7 semesters, including one semester abroad and one in a company of your choice. As a student you will participate in several design competitions and work on projects for companies. [+]

Does good design function the same in every country? What should be considered when designing international advertising campaigns? Do aesthetic qualities change at the borders? In the English-language Bachelor programme in Media and Communication Design, students learn to deal with these issues.

Designers are increasingly challenged to think and work with an international mindset. Against the backdrop of global design challenges, you will learn the entire spectrum of visual communication and test yourself in the areas of image editing, typography, layout, or screen and interface design. Your own personal interests can shape your project work accordingly. Through the English-language teaching and the international orientation of the curriculum, you will meet the qualifications for a professional position in the international field of design. You will be needed everywhere where an international design perspective is required - both in Germany and abroad.... [-]

Degree (BA) Design

UNIBA Centro Universitario Internacional de Barcelona
Online Part time 4 years April 2017 Spain Barcelona

Get ready to boost your career in the field of design. Through this degree program, you will acquire the [+]

Top Part time Bachelors in Communication Design in Europe. INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Get ready to boost your career in the field of design. Thanks to this online degree program design, you will acquire the knowledge and techniques necessary to take care of the planning, development and the development of cultural and visual products, and imaging and spaces. This curriculum will provide all the theoretical and practical training you need to enhance your creativity and work as a designer / professional in sectors as diverse as photography, audiovisual industry, decoration and interior design, creating graphics applications, the publishing, marketing, advertising and teaching. With this curriculum: You'll get the knowledge and skills necessary to raise, manage and carry out any design project. You master the different artistic languages, which can be applied to those areas where the creation of new products required. You will learn proper technical and technological design processes, and the most appropriate tools to work with. You will learn what are the formal procedures of graphic communication and how to implement them effectively. You will acquire knowledge of those aspects that affect the integrated management of design: economics, marketing and legal issues (patents, copyright, intellectual property, etc..). Know what has been the evolution of cultural, social, aesthetic and economic values ​​associated with art. Study the superior design degree program at the International Center of Barcelona will allow total flexibility to combine your online studies with your professional life. QUALIFICATIONS AND CURRICULUM At the end and overcome your studies get the Degree in Design, an official certificate that gives you the University of Barcelona. This qualification is recognized and adapted to the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and it'll increase your career options and / or extend your studies to earn a master's degree. ENTRY REQUIREMENTS Under Article 14 of Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October, on the organization of official university studies, they can access these official teachings Grade persons who meet the requirements of current legislation for Access to university, and in compliance with applicable rules establishing procedures governing selection for admission to universities. The existing access roads to this degree are: Tests access to university or equivalent (PAU). Ciclos Formativos de Grado Superior, FP2 o asimilados. COU. University graduates. Entrance exams for over 25 years. Students from educational systems that applies Article 38.5 of the Organic Law 2/2006 of 3 May, on education. Recognition of foreign university studies (continuation of the same studies). GRANTS In order to provide you access to your studies, UNIBA offers you various types of scholarships: Academic merit scholarships Own scholarships: awarded to students with good professional record by the admissions committee. Scholarships and grants the Ministry of Education or other state government agencies. At all times our educational advisors will inform you of the validity of each and can guide you on the needs and steps to follow when applying for any of these scholarships. PROFESSIONAL OUTINGS Obtaining Degree in Design enables you to work in the following areas: Delivery and design agencies. Industria editorial. Departments product. Companies and imaging departments, communication, marketing and advertising. Museums and cultural centers. Exposiciones y ferias. Companies specializing in signage. Industria audiovisual. Photography studios. Construcción. Schools and art schools. Media specializing in art or design. [-]