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A bachelor’s degree is an entry level of undergraduate study. In many cases, students choose a subject to study such as science or English. A bachelor’s may also be received in a hands-on field, allowing a student to immediately start working.

What is a Bachelor in Cosmetology? Students learn details of cosmetology such as skin, nail and hair care and makeup application. They become experts in styling and maintaining hair and in giving treatments such as facials, pedicures and manicures. Additionally, students learn how to run a salon and run it well by applying business principles. After completing the program, students are able to become licensed cosmetologists.

A Bachelor in Cosmetology offers the opportunity to work closely with people while empowering them through new, expressive hairstyles. Graduates also find many opportunities to move up, as they can one day own their own salons. Students also learn good business and management skills through their coursework.

Costs for cosmetology programs vary depending on the school chosen. A dedicated student might finish a program in two years with evening and online classes, and thus save money. Before choosing, students should conduct thorough research to make sure a program will meet all of their educational goals.

After graduating, students can find work in numerous locations. They may choose to work in salons as hairdressers, stylists and colorists. They may also work in salons giving facials and manicures. Options are also available to students outside of salons. Students may work with beauty and skin-care products or work for funeral parlors styling the recently deceased. Additionally, nail technicians can work in a dermatologist’s or podiatrist’s office and offer hygienic pedicures.

Many online options are available for cosmetology programs. To start a new career, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor in Cosmetology

British College Warsaw
Campus Full time Part time 6 semesters October 2016 Poland Warsaw + 1 more

Title cosmetologist who will receive after completing our studies, opens up broad opportunities for employment. As a graduate of cosmetology can, within its own business, open your own beauty salon! [+]

Bachelors in Cosmetology. Title cosmetologist who will receive after completing our studies, opens up broad opportunities for employment. As a graduate of cosmetology can, within its own business, open your own beauty salon! While studying at the cosmetology gain knowledge in the field of medical sciences. You will learn eg .: dermatology, immunology, chemistry of allergy or cosmetic materials. While studying learn how to m. In. perform procedures ranging from cosmetology beautifying and nursing, you will learn techniques of relaxing massage, as well as professional equipment used in cosmetology and their service. If you are interested in cosmetology, this is the ideal destination for further education for you! Increasingly popular profession cosmetologist belongs to the prestigious profession, before which draws an interesting future. Select the direction, if you want to combine work with passion and develop manual dexterity. Study cosmetology if you want to: properly perform treatments and beauty, prepare yourself toiletries and make the appropriate chemical calculations, classify and verify the suitability of various substances in the body care - including the possibility of allergies and the impact of cosmetics on the human body, diagnose diseases of the skin and work with a dermatologist to help the client both skin healthy and defects, plan pomocjÄ™ cosmetic product use preparations, cosmetics and beauty equipment for the good of the client. Learning Objectives Our target is: education specialists in the field of cosmetology, cosmetics, health care and beauty, prepare students for professional practice as a cosmetologist, education attitude healthy lifestyle, to develop skills of selection and planning of beauty treatments and the use of cosmetics according to the diagnosis of the skin condition, learn the correct reading of the cosmetic composition and determination of its application, familiarization with modern apparatus and methods of diagnosis of the skin. After graduation As a graduate of cosmetology get: interdisciplinary knowledge in the field of medicine, chemistry, pharmacy and health sciences, with particular emphasis on issues of cosmetology nursing, beautifying, therapeutic and cosmetic formulations and fragrances, preparing to work with a dermatologist in terms of healthy skin care and defects, preparation for operation of the equipment and apparatus used in cosmetics, ability to read recipes cosmetics and to determine the impact of cosmetics on the skin and the human body, practical skills in the effective use of knowledge in professional work, prepared to work in beauty parlors, organize, equip and conduct independent beauty salon, base management and marketing cosmetic services. After graduation, you can open your own beauty salon or to work in: beauty salons, Wellness and SPA centers, wellness clinics, cosmetic companies, cosmetic departments pharmacies, cosmetic laboratories, Schools beauty editorial magazines and portals. [-]