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A bachelor’s degree is a post-secondary degree awarded after completed 120 credits. It usually takes eight semesters to complete a Bachelor’s degree. While completing an undergraduate course, candidates have to study general courses and chose a major specific subject. A Bachelor’s degree can also be called a baccalaureate in certain countries.

Business classes may be taken to help enhance another area of study, or they may prepare students for a career in a large corporation, small organization, or in a start-up business. Courses are offered at institutions all over the world.

India, officially the Republic of India, is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world

Bangalore is not only the third largest city in India in regards to population, but also the capital of the state of Karnataka. It is an ICT center and hub and home to numerous higher education institutions and research centers.

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Institute Of Finance And International Management (IFIM)
Campus Full time July 2017 India Bangalore

The Department has been established with the objective of making students competitive in the field of commerce. The department provides research and training pertaining to a wide variety of issues related to commerce and other allied subjects. [+]

Bachelors in Business in Bangalore in India. The Department has been established with the objective of making students competitive in the field of commerce. The department provides research and training pertaining to a wide variety of issues related to commerce and other allied subjects. Students are given exposure to a wide range of subjects such as Accountancy, Finance, Management, Economics, Law, Environmental Science, Quantitative Techniques and International Marketing and it also hones their soft skills through subjects like Business Communication. Industrial exposure is of primary importance and in order to provide that we accommodate industrial training and periodical industrial visits as a mandatory part of the curriculum. National, international seminars, conferences and workshops are conducted periodically to keep our students updated with the ongoing trends. Advantages of BCOM IFIM College B.Com program is prestigious program, attracting the best and brightest students from across India and beyond. Apart from their outstanding academic achievements, IFIM’s Commerce students have demonstrated diverse interests, showcased leadership and team skills. Their active participation and consequent triumph at various management competitions at both state and national level are living testimonial of the competence and caliber of the students of IFIM College. The excellent academic environment with a judicious mixture of co-curriculum and extra-curriculum activities provides them skills required to excel in the corporate world. Students are given the opportunity to choose elective business courses of their specific areas of interest in their third year. Among the plethora of courses at offer, students are allowed to choose certification courses provided by Accounting Groups, Finance Groups, Marketing Group, Human Recourse, Insurance, Taxation and Information system and Management groups. Knowing the fact that not every student follows conventional teaching styles and methods, at IFIM we use various methods to help a student understand the practical application of a subject. These methods include Class instruction and interactive discussion Case Studies Experiential Exercises Real-world projects Classrooms are equipped with state of the art multi-media tools. IFIM’s College offers an array of support services that are exclusive to Commerce students. Academic Counsellors are available to discuss degree requirements, course selections, university services or other academic matters. The Library Facilitates: 63 national and international Journals, 12000 Books, 3600 E-Books, 8400 E-Journals, 4800 E-Articles etc. The Net impact Centre provides free technical and multi-media resources for Commerce students. The Centre is open 6 days a week during the academic year. The Wi-Fi campus enables students easy access to online information. Making students employable requires a fair amount of personality development for a student. Keeping this trait in mind, students are encouraged to participate in quizzes, debates, extempore and group discussion. The Career Centre, housed within the campus is deeply committed to meeting the needs of the students and organisations that hire them. The program attracts top recruiters from across India. [-]