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A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate program that usually requires students to focus on a major. Program lengths vary, but most are four years long. Two of the four years are devoted to general education, allowing students to explore elective coursework that may be formed into a complementary minor.

You might wonder, what is a Bachelor in Business Analytics? Business analytics uses computer models and data analysis as tools to improve performance and launch the potential for a dynamic global career. The plan of study helps prepare students for careers with companies that gather and analyze data to gauge past performance and strategize for the future. Coursework varies but commonly includes database management, statistics, modeling, marketing analytics, operations research, and econometrics.

Benefits of earning a bachelor’s degree in business analytics include enhanced business and written communication skills and the ability to pursue advanced studies in the field. Program graduates could be ready to launch new business careers or move ahead in their current field. It is also linked to higher salaries.

The cost for the program differs from school to school, depending on the length of time invested and the location. Students should contact institutions with programs that interest them to determine fees associated with enrolling.

Students may be equipped with the in-depth knowledge and skills to be successful in a variety of careers. Some industries for graduates with an undergraduate degree in business analytics include finance, consulting, marketing, and supply chains. Potential jobs include compliance manager, data warehousing specialist, business intelligence analyst, network systems administrator, and statistician. Many students choose to pursue an advanced degree.

A variety of international options is available for online bachelor’s degree programs. Internet-based courses are ideal for individuals in remote areas with minimal access to a facility. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.

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Bachelor in General Business Administration

University of South Florida Sarasota–Manatee
Campus Full time September 2017 USA Sarasota

USFSM’s Bachelor in General Business Administration prepares students for positions in an interdisciplinary business world that values cross-functional abilities. This program offers two concentrations: Applied Business and Aging Services Management. [+]

Bachelors in Business Analytics . Bachelor’s in General Business Administration "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure." — Colin Powell Program Overview USFSM’s General Business Administration program prepares students for positions in an interdisciplinary business world that values cross-functional abilities. This program offers two concentrations: Applied Business and Aging Services Management. The Applied Business concentration covers an overview of several administrations at a variety of businesses and organizations. With a focus on technical business understanding, this general business degree allows for a broad study of four disciplines: Finance, Information Systems, Management and Marketing. This program gives students the flexibility in deciding which best fits their interests. The concentration in Aging Services Management fosters the development of leadership skills in the realm of aging services. The aging demographic in our region, state and beyond presents business opportunities that serve older adults in a variety of organizational settings, including the rapidly evolving workplace comprised of both older and multigenerational employees. This program is designed to provide foundational knowledge about aging and related issues that can be applied to relevant business interests to best meet the needs and desires of the nation’s elderly population. Elective coursework can be individualized based on specific interests in aging and may include advanced reading, research or applied engagement within the community. Is the General Business Administration Program Right for You? Do you enjoy a fast-paced working atmosphere? Are you an effective textual and verbal communicator? Do you have the ability to maintain working relationships? If so, a career in Business Administration might suit your personality type. This field demands professionals who are people orientated, who thrive in team environments and enjoy detailed tasks. They must have strong critical thinking skills, including the ability to analyze, identify and address relevant issues with critical analysis. Future Careers There are several career opportunities available to graduates of General Business Administration. Many of our students land positions in the following career fields: Accounting Finance Information systems Management Marketing International business Elder care Depending on the student’s career goals, potential job titles for General Business Administration majors include: Manager or Assistant Manager Executive Administration Social Media Strategist Business Analyst Financial Analyst Information Systems Analyst Property Manager Personal Banker Marketing Specialist Underwriter …and many more! USFSM’s General Business Administration program gives students the tools to succeed as well as aligns them with opportunities for internships or first jobs that will aid in a transition from graduation to their dream career. [-]