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Business Management

A bachelor’s degree is a post-secondary degree awarded after completed 120 credits. It usually takes eight semesters to complete a Bachelor’s degree. While completing an undergraduate course, candidates have to study general courses and chose a major specific subject. A Bachelor’s degree can also be called a baccalaureate in certain countries.

Business Management BBM is a bachelor’s degree program designed with a specific focus of developing professionals individuals who can work and execute their leadership knowledge and skills in the businesses and organizations.

Mexico, officially the United Mexican States, is a federal constitutional republic in North America. Working may require a work visa, which is difficult to get if you just want to freelance for a short time. Most of the government funded universities on mayor cities (state capital) have short courses on history, gastronomy and cultural subjects, most of them are almost free.

Monterrey, the third largest city in Mexico, is also educational hub of northern Mexico. It is the headquarter of Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies, ITESM which is considered as one of the most important universities of Mexico.

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Bachelor: Business Management

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Degree program in Business Management training contributes to the modernization and development of individuals with the skills required in the dynamic, changing, globalized world of the XXI Century. [+]

Bachelors in Business Management in Monterrey in Mexico. The courses are taught by 100% virtual mode. Undergraduate students will be professionals capable of entering the labor market with great success. The program Degree in Management It contributes to training, modernization and development of individuals with the skills required in the dynamic, changing, globalized world of the XXI Century. We develop in students their strengths and proactive attitude through a strategic and futuristic business style that supports the development of leadership skills and decision making and prepare executives of nascent millennium to be agents of change and innovation in any organization skillfully managing the resources in the performance of their duties. DURATION OF THE PROGRAMME 9 cycles Timetable: 24/7 Classes start: 15th of each month. Graduate profile Graduates of Genesis, may play in occupations such as: Design, plan, organize and carry out the generation of financial investment projects for the creation of new businesses. Assess, analyze and promote the expansion and business development in the productive and service sectors within the decision-making process. Run comprehensive audits processes in public agencies or private organizations and / or. Advise and intervene in corporate research projects to introduce new national and international markets marketings of products and services companies. [-]