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Business Management

A bachelor’s degree is a post-secondary degree awarded after completed 120 credits. It usually takes eight semesters to complete a Bachelor’s degree. While completing an undergraduate course, candidates have to study general courses and chose a major specific subject. A Bachelor’s degree can also be called a baccalaureate in certain countries.

Business Management BBM is a bachelor’s degree program designed with a specific focus of developing professionals individuals who can work and execute their leadership knowledge and skills in the businesses and organizations.

France, officially the French Republic, is a unitary semi-presidential republic located mostly in Western Europe, with several overseas regions and territories.

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Bachelor Management And Open Management Companies (ipac Bachelor Factory) (mge)

IPAC France
Campus Full time 3 years Open Enrollment France Ville-la-Grand

This training is provided as part of Ipac Bachelor Factory, a national network of business school +3, resulting from the knowledge and pedagogical concepts developed over 30 years by IPAC. [+]

Bachelors in Business Management in Ville-la-Grand in France. Training duration: 3 years after Bac (180 ECTS credits) Two years of common core and a third year of specialization in International (with a departure abroad) - Marketing & Communication - E-Marketing - Tourism -Immobilier - Banking & Insurance - Resources human. 3 validations: Academic Validation: Bachelor IPAC (180 ECTS credits) Professional Status: Title II level registered in the National Directory of Professional Certification European Validation: "Diploma Supplement" This training is provided as part of Ipac Bachelor Factory, a national network of business school +3, resulting from the knowledge and pedagogical concepts developed over 30 years by IPAC. Presentation of Management and Bachelor OPEN Business Management This training is available after a BAC or equivalent, allows the student to discover different professional sectors, different trades in years 1 and 2. The orientation after the bachelor represents a real difficulty. The progressive relationship of students with businesses, through missions, internships, employment promotes successful integration. Training is innovative compared to existing cycles since it allows: Receive a strong academic background in accordance with European standards of the LMD system. To obtain a European academic recognition through the systems of European credits (ECTS) and professional recognition through a qualification recognized by the state at a level II (Level II Title: Staff in jobs normally requiring training to a level comparable to the license or MBA1 (RNCP, official definition, Classifying 1969 Training levels). The third year allows for specialization and is accessible after a BAC + 2. admission requirement Management and Bachelor of Business Administration OPEN The training is open to students necessarily the baccalaureate or equivalent. Recruitment methods: folder, motivational interview. Organisation & Management Bachelor program OPEN and Business Management Years 1 & 2: core courses + OPEN Discovery Year 3, specialization: Marketing & Communication (Alternating) e-Marketing (Alternating) Human Resources (Alternating) Management Payroll and Social (Alternating) Bancassurance (Alternating) Real Estate (Alternating) Tourism (Alternating) Management of Logistics and Transport Units (Alternating) Social Solidarity Economy (in original) International : - International Bussiness Studies with Marketing (Year is deroulant in France with courses in English) - Year Abroad Academic training validation Bachelor Management and Business Administration OPEN validation of knowledge is carried out under control DC end of the semester. Students will need to be admitted to the title, having validated the necessary ECTS credits. The title allows obtaining the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). This European system facilitates mobility of students in other universities of the community. This corresponds to 180 ECTS credits. [-]