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Bachelor's degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management

Institut Paul Bocuse
Campus Full time 4 years September 2017 France Écully

Today, kitchen chefs are professionals with multiple skills: they need to demonstrate thorough technical expertise, be open to innovative technologies, adapt to changing management methods and demonstrate their imagination and creativity in order to be on the cutting edge of the culinary arts. [+]

Bachelors in Arts in Rhone-Alpes in France. Today, kitchen chefs are professionals with multiple skills: they need to demonstrate thorough technical expertise, be open to innovative technologies, adapt to changing management methods and demonstrate their imagination and creativity in order to be on the cutting edge of the culinary arts. By asserting themselves as leaders and entrepreneurs, they will also be able to meet the expectations of customers, as well as standards relating to health and balanced diet. This training leads to obtaining a Bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management as well as the official title as Gastronomic Cuisine and Restaurant Manager (level II certification) registered on the National Register for Professional Certification and granted by Institut Paul Bocuse. BECOME A CHEF, MANAGER AND ENTREPRENEUR WITH AN INNOVATIVE VISION The Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management curriculum meets the growing demands of this constantly evolving sector. Two school years are held in the 1st year: January and September. The first two years address kitchen fundamentals and basic management practice through: Three semesters of theoretical and practical courses that include creative and analytical projects One semester of real life experience in our various application restaurants A 4-month internship The final year consolidates previous learning and adds new levels of technical, creative, managerial and entrepreneurial expertise. It also serves as a springboard for further education or a first job via an internship secured in France or abroad. The main teaching modules cover the following: Creativity and culinary aesthetics The organization and optimization of production Operational and financial management Team management and leadership Balanced meals and health, restaurants and sustainable development Entrepreneurship, creating a comprehensive dining offer that is both innovative and sustainable INTERNSHIPS AND PROFESSIONAL PROJECTS In line with the recommendations of the pedagogical team for the Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management program, the internships department builds the best professional project for and with each student. It accompanies them in their search for opportunities. This program also allows students to experience the rhythm of a company. During these periods, the student-intern remains in close contact with his/her internship supervisor at the Institut who ensures the positive progression of this experience. In the interest of the students, the program is subject to change. KEY BENEFITS Instruction that is recognized in France and abroad and provided by master chefs, teaching-rofessionals, and experienced consultants with international experience Teaching methods that are based on creative and analytical project management An advanced technical environment: 6 kitchen labs, each one dedicated to a specific culinary technology and/or cooking method, 3 pastry shops, 1 bakery, 6 restaurants... Creativity and innovation modules in partnership with ESADSE (École Supérieure d’Art et Design Saint-Étienne) Further pursuit of studies in a specialized field or within the context of a Master’s degree, or the possibility of joining our incubator in order to develop a new business. Personalized assistance throughout one’s education and two 4-6 month internships Admission requirement Teaching language: French WHAT STUDIES TO PURSUE AFTER GRADUATION? Integrate a 4th year of specializationBachelor Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management Integrate the Bachelor’s degree in International Hotel and Restaurant Management, in partnership with IAE Lyon. This choice develops students’ skills in the international hotel-restaurant sector and gives them access to operational management positions in an establishment. Integrate the Culinary Management and Innovation program, in partnership with the University of Applied Sciences HAAGA-HELIA of Helsinki, Finland and the University of Stavanger, Norway. This precursor program meets new needs in a rapidly changing sector. Job opportunity IMMEDIATE AND VARIED CAREER OPPORTUNITIES Our curve of progression shows that 45% of our young graduates from the Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management program occupy positions including managerial competence beginning with their first job. After 4 years of experience, the rate of placement at a managerial level is 88%*. Depending on the size of the company, they consequently progress towards higher positions: Head chef to Corporate chef or Executive chef. 100% of our young graduates find a job at the end of their studies. OPPORTUNITIES IN THE INDUSTRY: Chef, events caterer, airline/railway/maritime catering, chef/owner, personal chef, etc. THERE ARE ALSO OPPORTUNITIES TO USE THE CULINARY SKILLS: Training, consulting and quality audits in culinary production, technical sales in equipment companies, publishing and communications for culinary magazines, purchasing and procurement manager, etc. *Source: an RNCP survey conducted for the classes from years 2007 to 2011 for the certification of the program. Dan Bessoudo TESTIMONY Dan Bessoudo gained experience in several of the great gastronomic centers in France. His references? The gastronomic restaurant of Guy Savoy (Michelin 2-star), restaurant Les Elysées (Michelin 2-star), the restaurant Laurent (where he worked side-by-side with Chef Philippe Braun - Lead Chef of Les Ateliers de Joel Robuchon), as well as the Ministry of Health and several prestigious private estates. "Institut Paul Bocuse encouraged me to succeed by giving me the assets I needed thanks to the education I received but also through their network of companies and professionnels who opended doors for us". Dan Bessoudo (Class of 1994) - chef owner of La Table de Ventabren, Michelin-starred restaurant since 2009 [-]